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Safiterol (A Natural Cholesterol Regulator)
Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the United States.
Each year approximately 25% of all deaths in the U.S. occur from heart attacks, and many of these are attributable to hardening of the arteries.
In addition to heart attacks, a poor circulatory system can lead to strokes, kidney disease, angina, varicose veins, blood clots and a variety of other conditions that can kill or limit the enjoyment of life.
Healthy Heart and Blood
For the circulatory system to function properly, the heart must be strong, the vessels capable of safely transporting optimal amounts of blood, and the blood itself must be healthy.
How can you maintain a healthy circulatory system?
Most experts agree that the keys are to:
Consume a balanced diet low in saturated fat with olive oil as your primary source of fat.
A high fiber diet protects against heart disease, cancer, diverticulosis, varicose veins, and obesity.
Eat generous servings of fruits and vegetables for both the fiber and the beta carotene they provide.
Several servings of fish each week provide omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein.
Avoid or limit refined sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol.
You may want to consider a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diet.
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